Friday, January 11, 2013

Heart Songs

Can I paint you a picture of my morning?  Although I am arguably better with a paintbrush, for today I'll give words a try.

Sweet baby boy and I shared conversations at the kitchen table this morning beside 
January gray sky sunshine filtered through the puppy nose print streaked window, beside which baby William & I sat enjoying each other's company.  During this post-avocado bliss, we were listening to some music and looking at board books.  My itunes playlist (which proved too short for my ridiculously long labor & thus repeated several times over) was playing.  Suddenly, music spoke right to my heart.  Don't you love it when that happens?  

Let me show you what I mean.  
Enter David Gray's "Be Mine"

From the very first moment I saw you 
That's when I knew 
All the dreams I held in my heart 
Had suddenly come true 
Knock me over stone cold sober 
Not a think I could say or do 
'cos baby when I'm walking with you now 
My eyes are so wide 
Like you reached right into my head 
And turned on the light inside 

Needless to say, it was a happy tears moment, which is still surreal to me, being someone unused to crying, especially due to happiness.  It's amazing when life stops, if only for a brief moment, and allows you the opportunity to slow down, pause, remember, reflect and really feel something.  I wish I could go back to that day six months ago and be in that moment again and meet my little boy for the very first time.  For now, I'll take a magical moment in the kitchen, complete with avocado in my hair (& William's nose) and yet another cup of coffee that went cold before drinking.  David Gray gave me the chance to relive the most profoundly powerful moment of my life, and for that I consider myself blessed.  Music is incredible in that a perfect stranger (with far more musical talent than I, just ask Kev about my whistling ability, or lack thereof!) can sing the song of your heart when you lack the ability to share it with the world.  

I love that.  

Just my thoughts for the morning. 
Go out and enjoy your day.  Hopefully you can find a moment amidst the routine of every day life to remember something, someone, and just maybe it'll make your heart sing too....

Oh and while you're at it, drink a WHOLE cup of coffee and think of me ;0)

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