Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness."
~Psalm 145:7~

Abundant goodness indeed, especially considering how blessed we have been in the past year.  I can hardly believe that this is my life, I have so much to thank God for!  Baby boy's first Easter has been a joyful one and I'm already thinking about next year and all of the egg hiding, chocolate frenzied fun we'll be having.  Fast forwarding my imagination, it's hard to think about William being almost 21 months next Easter, wow...  At 8 /12 months, the shenanigans are a bit tame, but we have been having a great family day here at home.  Luckily the Easter bunny is a clever rabbit and knew just what a tiny man might like to find in an Easter basket & loaded it with goodies fit for a Willy boy.  
Here's what it contained:

  • a soft fuzzy bunny
  • two board books: Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter and more importantly, The Story of Easter (as in Jesus and what Easter is really about)
  • No-Spill Bubble cup: the puppies were far more interested in the bubbles than Will, he just kept trying to eat the food in his basket, little piggie!
  • Plum Organics squeeze food, while I make all of Will's food, we've learned that these little pouches are so handy for travel and he loves them
  • Baby Mum-Mums, great crunchy treat for teething and he loves them because he can feed himself, which is what he wants to do all the time now, must be our kid, Mr. Independent
  • Infant Red Sox hat, for obvious reasons!
  • bunny ears headband, which daddy hated but was a good sport about
  • lots of Easter eggs, included fun sports ones, full of Cheerios!  
  • balsa wood glider (for daddy to throw off the balcony for us to watch, or for puppies to eat...)

Will didn't know what to think at first, just looking from the basket to us, and back and forth in a funny little tennis match of wonder.  Then he dove in and starting removing everything, one by one with his chubby hands.  He knew exactly what to do with the Plum Organics squeeze pouches, he just wouldn't figure out the pesky cap!  He dove right into the eggs, flinging them all over the house and catching the attention of his pups who chased them around the kitchen.  We eventually gave him a mum mum and this aroused intense curiosity from Maggie & Clem, who would have been more than happy to clean Will's sticky fingers and face.  
"Hey Little Brother, we can help you out with that!"
Because we felt the need to torture Clem, we put the bunny ears on her to celebrate the festive occasion of Easter basketry mayhem, cuteness overload.

Amazingly, she didn't mind them half as much as William.  Good, tolerant puppy!

And because William is a loved little boy, his Nanny & Gramps sent him an Easter basket from Massachusetts with goodies like a onesie from their recent trip to Hawaii with sea turtles (mama's favorite), seeds to plant, The Tale of Peter Rabbit with a Peter Rabbit stuffy, some spoons for big 10 month old boys, and other fun goodies.

After the obligatory photos, it took seconds flat for Kev to remove the fancy church clothes and it was comfy cloth diaper/dress shirt time, way cuter than Tom Cruise in risky business in my opinion.  Will & Maggie shared some sweet moments on the couch together.  We are so glad that our little boy is growing up with two dogs for best friends!

But seriously, how cute is this face?
I've gotta go squeeze those cheeks, happy Easter everyone!  Wishing your families blessings and peace!

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Adam Carriere said...

Love the picture with Maggi and Clem looking at Will's "cracker" as if to say "hey bro you going share that?"