Sunday, February 12, 2012

20 Weeks: Birthday Shenanigans, Pond Hockey, New Car & Ice Fishing

Me & my sister on our birthday after some pond hockey!

 Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: 20 weeks, halfway baby!
Total Weight Gain: 5-6ish lbs.
Clothing: same, most of my regular stuff with yoga pants being the most comfortable things on the planet & my old hiking long underwear still fit when we went skating today! Yay!
Catching Zzzzs: Sleeping GREAT! Plus the doctor said it isn't a big deal that I wake up on my back, which is nice.
Best Moments of the Week: Our doctor's appointment Thursday... it's a BOY and his name is William Christopher Carriere, but we will call him Will. He's named after my WW II hero grandfather & the world's best big brother, both of whom have moved on to a brighter place, but are missed everyday. 

Oh, and then there's my birthday present... dun da da da... My new car!!! Kev bought the four of us (Bailey's a big dog & needed more room!) a Pacifica with a sunroof, heated leather seats, backseat DVD player, the list goes on and on, we've never owned anything so nice! I can't wait to have a car seat in the back! :)
Miss Anything?: Not having a list of "do-nots", although my sister & our husbands and I skated today on the lake and it was awesome (I've skated my whole life & played ice hockey, don't freak out and tell me I'm gonna break the baby) being pregnant didn't stop me from a little stick n' puck, plus, only the husbands fell (haha) so I guess it's our Canadian blood :)  Oh, and can I just tell you how annoying it is to have people treat you like fine china?  I'm a pretty tough girl & can hold my own no problem & when people refer to me suddenly as being "delicate" or "fragile", it just about drives me crazy because of the absurdity!  My dad gets it, when I told him someone described my "delicate condition", he laughed his you-know-what-off, thanks Dad, I needed someone to get it, and you know me pretty well. :)
Movements: lots of kicks especially when I play music, which matches what we saw during our ultrasound, the doctor had trouble getting measurements because this little boy would not stop rolling, kicking, moving his arms, and tumbling around in there.
Food Cravings: Fruit constantly, especially watermelon & coconut
Queasy/Sick: nope :)
Gender: snips & snails & puppy dog tails and I am so excited!
Labor Signs: zip, zero, zilch, goose eggs
Symptoms: heartburn constantly and left rib cage annoyance, but nothing major
Belly Button: pretty normal
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling: like the happiest girl on Earth :)
Looking Forward to: having this little boy in my arms (halfway there!), driving my new car, picking up some great baby items from a friend on Tuesday, my next ultrasound in a month (to finish measurements if little Will cooperates!) I am also designing some baby bedding that my husband's wonderful cousin is creating for the nursery, now that we know it's a boy, I've got BIG plans and can't wait to share them!  

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!" 
 adapted from

Check me out!  I now weigh in at about 10 1/2 ounces and am roughly 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom and 10 inches from head to heel!  It can be really hard to measure babies like me because we like to curl our legs up nice and cozy, then roll around and wiggle like crazy.  My mom showed the kids in her classroom my length with a ruler and they thought I was pretty cool! As the days pass, I keep working on my swallowing to get my digestive system ready.  Kinda on the gross side, I can make meconium now, which happens when I digest food.  You'll see more of this stuff when I'm born with my first little diaper donation. :) I am also proud to announce my daddy parts are now formed, my dad is especially proud of this recent development. 


Jennifer delano said...

I love the Name! the car is awesome. I've always liked those, but ended up with a subaru....I had a hard time acting "delicate" too during pregnancy...i was out there snow blowing, mowing the lawn etc...nothing really stopped me. I enjoy your blog. So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen! We were torn between Subarus and the Pacifica, they both seem like great vehicles, we just ended up going with the best deal we found :) Thanks for the name compliment, we're pretty happy with it :) and it's nice hearing from another non-delicate mama, us Maine girls have to stick together! :) How are your little guys doing? You have such a beautiful little family!

Jennifer delano said...

Thank you! I love that so many people we went to high school with are having babies right now...I can vicariously live thru your posts. Although I have a baby, it makes me want another! Crazy tho. I want one more i think, but boys are so busy and Evan is a handful at age 3. He starts preschool tuesday for 3 hrs/day 3 days/week. I'm kinda excited for a little "break" from his shannigans. oh and i craved fruit both pregnancies too...i ate 2 huge watermellons a week with Evan :) (luckly they were in season and not super pricey)

Adam1776 said...

So excited about my nephew. Is there a web page with info on your Grandfathers unit if there is the link would be a great addition.

Anonymous said...

We're pretty excited too Adam, as for Grampy's unit, I am not sure but I will look and see if there's a site out there somewhere! Great idea!

ME;0) said...

You are such a great writer. I enjoy reading your updates, it's like being with you. I love the picute of the baby. I think he looks like Kevin - hahaha! We shall see.

Anonymous said...

This must be Irene :) I hope this little guy has Kevin's eyes :) We are over the moon excited!!!