Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Weeks

Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: 30 weeks, how is it possible that I am 3/4 of the way there already?  Wow!!!
Total Weight Gain: still hovering around 15-17 lbs.
Clothing: some maternity, but now that it's finally getting warmer I can pull off non-maternity sun dresses and flip flops (with a heck of a bump) so that makes me happy
Catching Zzzzs: good nights and not-so-good nights, we moved our bed against the wall and that seems to help me stay on my left side
Best Moments of the Week: So I had a prego-freak out after moving into our new house because EVERYthing was EVERYwhere... carpets were torn up, paint cans were decorating every nook & cranny, every room needed a TON of cleaning (we're talking 4 hours scrubbing the kitchen cabinets alone!) our bed was in the nursery because we had to paint & work on our bedroom... Everywhere I looked I was reminded of something that needed to be done.  I am a list maker and a self-proclaimed accomplisher of to-do lists, but need to remember buying/moving into a home and getting it ready is a Herculean task.  I had an almost melt-down and headed into my classroom to do some lesson planning, my warm and cozy little safe place.  When I came home, Kevin had completely set up our bedroom: bed, bureaus, even candles and picture frames.  It's wonderful what a HUGE difference this made and how much it meant to me. Maybe I didn't fail girl school after all? I certainly won the husband lottery! 
Miss Anything?: doing whatever needs to be done without worrying (lugging things, painting, cleaning, doing hard work!)
Movements: all the time, I love it, I swear I felt a little foot, or maybe a tiny hand last night in bed.  
Food Cravings: watermelon, that's been pretty consistent 
Queasy/Sick: nope
Gender: "a little baby boy brings the people so much joy" (a lyric from my favorite Christmas carol, but hey, I think it applies to this situation too!)
Labor Signs: some Braxton Hicks now and then
Symptoms: HEARTBURN, although it isn't as severe this week as it was last week, rib pain when I'm sitting 
Belly Button: in 
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling:  blessed, excited, overwhelmed, blessed, hopeful, eager, terrified, tired, happy-I-can-still-see-my-toes, did I mention blessed?  Life is beautiful!
Looking Forward to: a dishwasher that works, rooms that are clean, painted, and finished, and even more exciting: a baby shower in Massachusetts in a few weeks, then my sister is throwing me a Maine shower later in May, how lucky am I?  I am also looking forward to spending some TIME in the nursery this weekend, I can't wait to get it ready!  We'll have the crib and I have some major closet organizing to do... it's funny the things you look forward to when you become a mom/grown-up, although I won't lie, my kayak & hiking trails have been screaming, begging, calling my name as we paint, clean & organize the house.  Also looking forward to "taking" Will to his first Seadogs game and touring the hospital where he will be born in only a few short months!

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from
It's funny, this week my skin is less wrinkly, but the wrinkles all went to my brain because it needs room for all this new brain tissue, I'm such a smarty pants!  I am about 15.7 inches long, weigh almost 3 pounds, and am strong enough to grasp a finger! My eyesight keeps improving, although it won't be sharp for a while.  I'll keep them closed for a lot of the day even after I'm born.  When I do open them, I will be able to respond to changes in light, but my vision is 20/400, which means for a while, I can only make out things a few inches from my face.

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