Monday, March 12, 2012

23 Weeks: Pomegranate!

Sorry, no pic this week... 
there was zero, zilch, nada natural light by the 
time I got home from work each day this week,
 so my pics were super dark... 
but there will be a week 24 photo!!! Sorry all!

Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: halfway +3 weeks! 17 weeks to go!
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs.
Clothing: mixing in more maternity items now
Catching Zzzzs: some nights are better than others, some new discomfort
Best Moments of the Week: We can see our little William kick from the outside now!  So amazing!  Another great part of our week: finding out the water tests for the house we're trying to buy came back perfect, the radon was slightly elevated but the seller is going to pay for the mitigation system, and we're getting closer & closer to it being our home!  
Miss Anything?: nope :) I can already tell I'm going to miss these kicks!
Movements: Lots of them, kicks and twists & turns
Food Cravings: still watermelon constantly, and avocados, and fruits & veggies of any kind!
Queasy/Sick: nada
Gender: He's our boy!
Labor Signs: nope
Symptoms: heartburn seems better on some days, same rib pain as the past few weeks, some low pelvic pain when I walk or roll over in bed, which is new.
Belly Button: getting flatter 
Wedding Rings: on!
I'm feeling: happy & blessed every day!
Looking Forward to: doctor's appointment this week & possibly getting a 3-D ultrasound, also waiting to hear from our realtor about our  appraisal, crossing our fingers & praying this house is meant to be our home!   :)

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from

This week I have been able to dance with my mom (& my dad)!  I have a better sense of movement, so when she dances, I can feel it!  She really likes music!  I'm not quite so little anymore, I am 11 inches long and weight around a pound now!  I am looking like a miniature newborn and my face is fully formed.  Over the next four weeks I will be packing on the baby fat, doubling in size!  My mom keeps looking at her tummy because she can see me move from the outside now!  Blood vessels in my lungs are developing so that I can breathe and my ears are getting better and better at hearing sounds.  Loud noises are more familiar to me, like when Bailey barks at the mailman or the kids in mommy's classroom laugh.

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