Monday, March 12, 2012

24 Weeks

I'm like a Grapefruit this Week!
Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: 24 weeks, wow, the 2nd trimester is almost over already, how is that possible?
Total Weight Gain: around 8-10 lbs now
Clothing: I was still wearing my favorite jeans, but they ripped in the knee, which seriously bums me out because, as you know, I detest shopping and now I have to embark on a croc hunter style expedition in search of another pair of perfect jeans... no easy task!
Catching Zzzzs: getting trickier to sleep comfortably, have to pick up a body pillow this week and see if that helps because I've got to do something differently
Best Moments of the Week: Still loving the kicks & that Kev can feel them too!  We saw some crocuses sprouting up through the snow in Massachusetts this weekend (pics below) and all of us Mainers know that's certainly a moment worth celebrating, spring is coming! I am so ready for green grass & flip flops... enough of winter already, I'm tired of slathering myself with gallons of lotion to fend of winter's dryness and wearing layer upon layer!  Bring on some sunshine!  Oh, another highlight... Kate, a sweet friend of my mother in law, knit two adorable little hats for Will, one is brown with little teddy bear ears and the other is colorful with two little pompoms on the sides, I LOVE them & Will is going to love them too! My collection of knit hats is growing and it all started with my 2nd grade teaching buddy Pam and her adorable pumpkin hat, love it!
Miss Anything?: Rolling over without thinking about it & sleeping on my stomach, but I wouldn't trade this little guy for anything!
Movements: LOTS!  I think he likes UMaine hockey, I got pretty excited during the Hockey East series against Merrimac College and he was kicking up a storm, way to go Will... taking right after your mama!  I need to raise this kid right, he can't be a Boston College fan like his daddy, to heck with the Eagles, GO BLUE!  
Food Cravings: still watermelon, although my glucose test is this week so I'm trying to cool it with sugar, even natural sugar in fruit... it will not be easy! 
Queasy/Sick: a few mornings lately I've felt a little nauseous, wonder what that's about?
Gender: little Boy Will
Labor Signs: nope
Symptoms: same left rib pain when I sit in certain positions, some weird pain when I walk (only when I step with my left leg... strange!)  and generally feeling like I have a person inside of me... so it's all good!
Belly Button: getting flatter
Wedding Rings: on, my hands are so cold I think they'll always fit!
I'm feeling: happy happy happy 
Looking Forward to: Next ultrasound is today, plus we are awaiting the home appraisal, which is the next to last step in closing on our house, so we're praying that it's meant to be!  We should hear back soon!


"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from

Since last week, I've gained 4 ounces!  I am almost a foot long, about the length of an ear of corn!  I'm pretty skinny right now, but I'll be plumping up soon.  My brain is developing quickly and my taste buds too! My lungs are also growing and I am working on developing "branches" of my respiratory "tree" as well as a substance called surfactant.  This will help my air sacs inflate once I arrive in the big, bright world kicking and screaming for all to hear.  If I'm anything like my parents, I'm gonna have a lot to say! 

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