Monday, March 19, 2012

25 Weeks

* Picture to come tomorrow, I forgot my camera at school, oops!*

Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?:  25 weeks, wow!
Total Weight Gain: so we're up to 12 lbs now
Clothing: more and more maternity items
Catching Zzzzs: I finally got a body pillow and it's helping, but I still get uncomfortable laying on my side and toss and turn a lot.
Best Moments of the Week: finding out I do NOT have gestational diabetes!  The first glucose test was a little high, but the 3 hour fasting test was fine, yahoo!!!  I am so happy because that sugary stuff tastes all kinds of awful (I don't drink soda and it's like soda times a thousands, so sweet it makes your throat burn) and I don't want to drink it again! Yuck!
Miss Anything?: nope :)  I had some alcohol free wine on St. Patrick's Day and that did the trick!
Movements: so many, Kev and I lounged in the hammock on Sunday afternoon after raking leaves and doing a little furniture project and we could both see Will moving around, it's so much fun & makes me love Kev even more
Food Cravings: none really... although I did get this yummy Wasabi Pea trail mix from Target and could have eaten the whole jar all by myself
Queasy/Sick: only during the 3 hour glucose test, gahhh, horrid stuff
Gender: he's a boy 
Labor Signs: no no no
Symptoms: the ever-present left rib pain that seems to like hanging around, round ligament pain, etc... nothing to worry about though!
Belly Button: getting flatter
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling: so excited to meet this little boy, we really can't wait!  We are still awaiting the results of the home appraisal, hopefully we'll know soon and then closing is in mid-April.  Until then we'll keep praying!
Looking Forward to: Closing on our home and decorating the nursery, finally!  

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from

Head to heels, I'm 13 1/2 inches and I weigh about a pound and a half, kind of like the size of an eggplant.  I'm starting to look a bit less scrawny as I get some of my baby fat.  My mom likes the idea of that! :) 
My wrinkly skin is starting to smooth out so I'll look less like an old person and more like a newborn baby.  I'm growing more hair too, and if you could see it you would know the color!  Just the thought of me and all the excitement is keeping my mom up at night.


Kristi said...

Go, baby Eggplant! I wish I could see you moving around like your mommy and daddy can, but really can't wait to see you when you make your big arrival this summer! It looks like it'll be a doozy since it's already 80 degrees here in mid-March! Aunty Kristi and Uncle Adam are sending all our love and biggest hugs and kisses. You be a good boy and stay nice and snug where you are until July.

Kristi said...

Hi, Baby Will! Aunty Kristi and Uncle Adam are sending all our love and biggest hugs and kisses your way! Hope you're being good for mommy and not playing too rough, although if you are, we all know where you got THAT from ;) Stay nice and safe where you are and we'll see you in July!