Saturday, March 31, 2012

27 Weeks

My apologies for lack of recent photos, I hope to upload some later, 
I can't find my camera anywhere and it's starting to get frustrating!!! Plus, I have an
undeniable baby belly now and want to show it to you!!! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able
to remedy this photo situation... which makes me realize I need to buy an actual high-
quality camera for when Will arrives instead of a generic point-and-shoot... 
add that to the wish list that grows exponentially these days!!!

Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?:  27 weeks, only 13 weeks to go, how is that possible?
Total Weight Gain:  still around 15 lbs. but it feels like more!
Clothing: maternity clothes and some of my regular things too, the hair-tie trick on my jeans is still working, although not as well as it used to!
Catching Zzzzs: since we are house sitting in a fully furnished house until we move into our own house, we've been sleeping on someone else's bed... although sleeping isn't the word for me lately, it's been lots of tossing and turning. This week we switched to a different bedroom because I didn't sleep well at all last week, and so far it's been getting better, which is a relief!  And, although having a huge body pillow is nice, it's like having another person in bed with us, along with our 110 dog, makes life interesting!
Best Moments of the Week: a parent volunteer at school asked me if I was pregnant, which is my first official time that someone who didn't know me realized, so this belly is growing! :)  We also got to see "our" house again today to meet with the realtor and the seller and discuss some details prior to closing.  I love it even more now that we've seen all the little green shoots popping up in gardens everywhere, and we learned there are several rose bushes & high bush blueberries, plum tree & apple trees, and flower beds all over... along with turtles and frogs in the pond, and a fire pit out back, it's so perfect!   It is soooo easy for me to get lost in daydreams, imagining Will toddling around the yard or taking him for strolls along the trails in the woods, looking for signs of animals and playing in the garden. 
Miss Anything?: nope, life is good! :)
Movements: lots, I love seeing him moving all around, so does his daddy, he even wiggles when Kevin sings to him close to my belly or plays guitar, it makes me happier than anything I've ever experienced before. Kev is going to be an amazing daddy, he already is
Food Cravings: watermelon pretty much all.the.time. seriously, I wish people delivered it instead of pizza or instead of a 1-800-Flowers, there should be 1-800-watermelon and I would be their #1 customer
Queasy/Sick: nope
Gender: baby boy
Labor Signs: nada
Symptoms: lots of rib cage fun, all on the left side, I think little Will likes jamming his toes in there, or maybe it's his head, whatever it is, he seems mighty cozy
Belly Button: getting flatter 
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling: excited about our house & getting to finally sort through these baby things we've been accumulating and organize them, instead of placing them in bins and totes to be ready for moving time
Looking Forward to: closing on the 17th and getting to go play around in our new house, paint the walls (with safe paint, no worries!) tear up some yucky carpets, dig in the garden, and get the nursery started, finally! I can't wait to get in there and start designing, I feel like I've waited my whole life for this, especially having moved just about every year since birth!  Life is so beautiful!

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from

This week I cross over to around 2 whole pounds and measure roughly 14 1/2 inches long with my legs extended.  I'm sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening & closing my eyes, and even sucking on my fingers.  My brain tissue keeps developing and my mom is beginning to feel my tiny baby hiccups, which are more common from now on.  They usually last only a little bit and my she likes the tickle.

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Adam1776 said...

Edible arrangements... but they only do watermelon in Season :(
I checked with a friend who used to work for them