Saturday, January 28, 2012

18 Week Update & Photo Debut!

Ok... When I read blogs I look for witty writing and a personality that shines through, but I also want photos, and I'm sure you do too!  I have been thinking about creating this blog for quite some time, but the first 12-14 weeks of being pregnant I was pretty cautious, like most mamas out there, and just about held my breath, crossed my fingers, and prayed to God that the first trimester would pass with no complications or worries... luckily, here we are at 18 weeks and I can share my thoughts, ideas, and crazy ramblings.  I have been pretty terrible at taking pics leading up to now, but I do have a few. 
This was taken via my laptop and it's not the greatest, but hey,
that's my little baby just around 8 weeks, like a tiny little alien  jellybean :)

And this is the ultrasound we had just days before
Christmas, around 12 weeks :)  We wrapped up copies to surprise
our families during the holidays :)
Now, contrary to what might be indicated above, I take pretty decent photographs, it's just that I'm never in them!  So, I'm going to start some self-photography for this lil' blog.  During my snow day off from school, I got busy with a nifty chalkboard project created out of truly hideous framed photo of a Mallard Duck I scored at Goodwill for $3, then spray painted the nasty wooden frame and coated the wooden backing with chalkboard paint.  (No, I cannot claim credit for the brilliance of this idea, I saw it on pinterest, of course!) I should have done a before and after photo session, but was too busy painting (aka making a royal mess!) Here's the finished product and a current pic of yours truly.

Sorry this is king of grainy, I had to rig up a tripod out of a bookshelf for my mediocre camera.   
I want to give credit for the awesome chalkboard idea to the talented & creative Jessica Garvin over at Little Baby Garvin, go check out her blog, it's amazing & she rocks :0)  
Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: 18 weeks, it's hard to believe time is flying by this quickly!
Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs.
Clothing: I sucked it up and bought some things last week, but wearing most of my regular tops & jeans, but need to wear more comfy dress pants to teach in, my pre-baby khakis are DONE! 
Catching Zzzzs:  I dream constantly and they are such vivid dreams that when I wake up I wonder if they were real, I am not waking up at 3 am as often anymore, which is nice :)  
Best Moments of the Week: Meeting with a mortgage broker to give this house-buying business a swift kick in the behind so when nesting strikes, I have a place to do it! 
Miss Anything?: Snowboarding & coffee (okay, okay... wine too!)
Movements: At first just tiny little flutters but now we have our very first KICKS! :) I love them... even though they've rendered me very nonproductive today, every time I try to accomplish something I stop to focus on little Pele's kicks, it's even better than I imagined!
Food Cravings: Nothing really, still loving fruit, especially carambolas and I could eat watermelon any time, any place, too bad it's not in season :(
Queasy/Sick: Not anymore :) yahooo!!!!
Gender: We find out on February 9th, the day before my birthday, what a present!
Labor Signs: Heck no!
Symptoms: my belly is growing, but so are "Thelma & Louise" a select few people know the inside story, crazy adventures sailing in Jost Van Dyke ;)
Belly Button: acting like normal
Wedding Rings: sparkling right where they belong
I'm feeling: Happy, happy, happy!!! I feel so incredibly blessed!
Looking Forward to: Our next ultrasound, not just because of the gender reveal (which is so exciting boy or girl) but because we get to see our little baby and that's absolutely breathtaking.  I can't wait to see Kev's face during the ultrasound when he lays eyes on our little baby :)

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from
Just another busy week in here!  Now I am the size of a sweet potato, about 8 inches long and I weigh over 5 ounces.  I'm getting used to flexing my arms and legs and you can see my blood vessels through my skin, but that's gonna change as I get older.  I am passing the time rolling, kicking, yawning, sucking, swallowing, hiccuping, and enjoying this cozy little hacienda of mine.  My major accomplishment of the week? My ears are where they belong now, on the sides of my head, which is nice, otherwise that might have been awkward when I make my grand entrance, although I know my parents will love me no matter what!  Something else I'm doing that's amazing, oh, just growing a layer of myelin around my nerves and that will keep happening until I am a year old, cool, huh?  


Kristi said...

Hahaha, Thelma and Louise...I noticed them! Nice work, Kev!

Anonymous said...

The credit's all mine, I named 'em :)

Adam1776 said...

Loved getting the picture for Xmass. Several of the ladies at work have said they are going to steel your idea if they get the opportunity .