Friday, January 13, 2012

Entering the Blogging World

Little Baby C is the Size of a:

Welcome Friends!
I have been pregnant for nearly 16 weeks and for that 16 weeks, I've been gobbling up every pregnancy journal/blog that I can find and have finally come to the conclusion that I should jump on board and sharing my own baby growing experience with my family and friends, especially since we're all spread out over the miles, maybe this will make us seem closer together! :)  It is my hope that this will be an easy and fun way to keep you all involved in how Little Baby Carriere is doing, and mama too, just as long as I am good about posting.  I apologize in advance for any future procrastination, but pregnancy is a pretty decent excuse, right?  Enjoy my ramblings :)

Reflections of this Week:

How Far Along: 16 weeks as of Monday
Total Weight Gain: nothing... yet...
Clothing: I will call this stage "Goldilocks Syndrome" because nothing is "just-right", I have purchased a few maternity items and my amazing friend Kate bought me some Gap goodies, but maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are becoming annoying.  Tops are okay, but my pants are now an interesting endeavor, not too small but not comfortable.
Catching zzzzs: Most nights are fine, although I take my prenatal vitamins at bedtime (otherwise I taste fish ALL day, yuck!) with a big glass of water, so around 3 am I stumble to the bathroom in the dark and the Bailey dog steals my spot in bed.  Last night I was up at 2:30 with some belly pain but it was gone this morning, luckily!
Best Moments of the Week:  There are so many!  A sweet coworker of mine gave us a like-new changing table, a new infant car seat, and some other goodies!  AND... one of my amazing family members has offered to make the crib bedding, curtains, etc...! Having no sewing talent whatsoever, this is such a generous gesture!  I just need to narrow my ideas down to one design, this is what I'm thinking currently for boy or girl, but my ideas are ever changing. These designs are from, but it bums me out that bumpers aren't safe, so I'll either go without or go with a mesh one for safety.


Miss Anything:  Snowboarding, especially with the fresh powder and TWO snow days this week, also miss being clumsy without fear (I am trying to be more graceful, I swear, but let's face it, I was born an ice hockey player not a ballerina!)  I will be missing beer tomorrow night as Tom Brady and the Patriots kick Tim Tebow and the Broncos butts, but this little baby is more than worth it!
Movement:  Nothing obvious yet, half the time I think it might be the baby I suspect it's just gas (tmi, I know, but hey, that's life!)
Food Cravings: I am still going crazy for fruit of any kind, I mentioned this to Kev and he threw on his "Super Dad" cape and came back from the grocery store with: watermelon, kiwi, bananas, carambola, blueberries, raspberries, grapefruit, blackberries, strawberries, and a partridge in a pear tree.  :)  I won't be surprised if I give birth to a chimpanzee with all this fruit!  Did I mention I have the best.husband.ever?  I am also still loving homemade hummus with fresh veggies, so these cravings aren't so bad at all.
Queasy/Sick? I still have no desire for meat, but don't eat a lot of it anyway so I don't miss it.
Gender: Nothing official, but lots of predictions that this little bump might be a girl, the heart rate at our last visit was 160 bpm and the old wive's tale indicates a girl, I will be thrilled as long as this baby doesn't come out a porcupine!
Labor Signs: heck no, thank goodness!
Symptoms: occasional heartburn (who knew you could get heartburn after drinking milk?) and I'm still feeling a little on the tired side, but nothing like it was the first 3+ months, having some slight round ligament pain, but nothing major. 
Belly Button: in, it's gonna be weird when that changes!
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling: crazy, over the moon excited, let me tell ya!
Looking Forward to: Our 16 week appointment on Monday, it's Kevin's first appointment and he's so excited to "meet" our little miracle.  I totally cried the first time I heard the heartbeat, so I wonder how he'll react.  I think crib shopping may be in our future! ;)

"Hey Mom, Look what I can do now!"
My legs are much more developed, my head is more erect that it has been, and my eyes have moved closer to the front of my head, yahoo!  My ears are close to where they will be when I am born and the patterning of my scalp has begun, although my hair isn't really recognizable yet, but hey, I hear bald babies are adorable!  Guess what else, I even started growing toe nails and my heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day!  How amazing am I?

Bump pictures to come soon... I promise!

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