Friday, January 20, 2012

La La La...

Ho Hum...
So our appointment Monday was a major disappointment :(  Kevin and I have both been looking forward to seeing our little one on the ultrasound, but when we got to the appointment, the nurse apologetically said that they'd made a mistake, it was just a blood-draw, weighing, belly check appointment.  Don't get me wrong, it was great to know that everything's going well (blood pressure's fine, everything looks great) but it was a let down not seeing those little hands and feet moving all around.  On a happy note, we did both get to hear that truly amazing and completely incredible little heart thumping away and that is certainly a priceless gift every time we hear it.  It's still beating around 150-160 bpm, so some think it might be a little lady. :)  Now we begin the countdown to the next appointment on February 9th when we find out if our little "it" is a boy or a girl!  

Oh... and Guess What?  

It's *nearly* week 17 and dun da-da da.. (my attempt at typing a drum roll, apologies for being tone deaf even when I type!)... our Baby can hear music now!  


This means the poor little one will be subjected to my incredible slightly off-pitch singing voice while driving in the car!  Naturally, I've been thinking about making a playlist for the nursery, not just for sleepy time, music is great when you're awake too!  In the back of my mind I've also been thinking about delivery music, but that's a bridge we'll cross later since the "d" word is still a bit daunting to consider.  There are so many amazing songs out there, but off the top of my pregnancy-addled brain, here are some that I can imagine playing in the nursery, reminder this is a VERY short list because we have a LOT of music and very eclectic tastes.  Also, this doesn't include nursery-rhyme kind of songs, just music we already love, so our baby probably will too, at least until they are old enough to be much smarter than us and tell us we're out of touch. :)

* Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles
* Van Morrison... oh how I love just about everything he does, except the 
   ones the radio constantly plays to death (Moon Dance, Gloria, etc...) 
* What a Wonderful World: L. Armstrong
* Sweet Baby James & anything by James Taylor
* Jack Johnson... too many to list!
* 3 Little Birds & many others: Bob Marley
* Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Isreal "Izzy" Kamakawiwo'ole 
* Box of Rain & many others: G. Dead
* Give Me Love: George Harrison
* Anything acoustic guitar
* If Not For You: Bob Dylan
* Mark Knopfler: too many to list 
* anything happy with steel drums 

What do you think I should add? All suggestions welcome! :)

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