Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Obsession

I've been thinking about the things most moms-to-be must rush out to buy first, as soon as they have that "oh my word, I'm having a baby, as in a living, breathing, human being kind of baby" and I am guessing topping the list would be things like adorable onesies (is that even how you spell that word?) with fuzzy feet or maybe fun/essential nursery items, and while I think those things are fun too, not for this mama!  Books!  Books!  Books!  As an elementary school teacher with a masters degree in literacy, all I can think about are books!  I have thousands (shh... don't tell!) a LOT of children's books in my classroom library at school, but when it comes to early infancy/childhood, my collection needs some serious bolstering in the biggest way.  After my last doctor's appointment at 12 weeks, I went cah-raaazy in the local Goodwill stores, which are always a (super cheap) treasure trove of abandoned children's literature gems.  Basically, I filled 4 bags with board books for under $25, all like new!  Wanna know what I found?  Here are a few:

Also, for Christmas Kev surprised me with several books like the two below. Now even he's feeding my obsession, this could be dangerous! 
Yet another amazing book from Mem Fox, love her!
He also bought this because he loved it as a kid.
But, that's just a starting place, so I have started an Amazon wish list just for this little baby and the books I think of as being nursery necessities for a teacher's child.  You can see my ever-expanding list here: Books for Baby
I am including books I know and love, or books recommended by parents, friends, fellow teachers, child development experts or parenting magazines/websites.  And yes, I know I am totally out of control and I love it! :) Acceptance is the first step right?  I may need a 50 step program... hmmm...

Oh, and how to display all of these books?  I've got a few "pinteresting" ideas!  


So, your thoughts? What books left behind a warm spot in your heart, or your children's hearts?  I would love your ideas!

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