Wednesday, June 6, 2012

36 Weeks

You put da lime in da Coconut, 
and then you feel bettah!
Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?: 4 weeks to go, WOW!!
Total Weight Gain: still hovering around 20
Clothing: stretchy sun dresses & flip flops 
Catching Zzzzs: not easy, zzzzzs are elusive these days and I wake up feeling like I was tossed in a dryer full of hammers
Best Moments of the Week: I forgot to mention that recently I came home to an amazing dinner (this isn't uncommon, my husband is amazing), lit candles, and our wedding DVD playing while we ate dinner.  I love my life!  This week I found out we get one more ultrasound next Monday because little boy is measuring bigger so we get to sneak a peek, hopefully a 3-D peek!
Miss Anything?: feeling comfortable, walking without feeling like a walrus
Movements: still lots, he entertains us nightly because 9 pm still seems to be his most active time
Food Cravings: watermelon, avocados, green peppers (how weird!)
Queasy/Sick: nope
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: nope
Symptoms: my feet are getting a bit swollen by the end of the day, especially after teaching, some shortness of breath because he is still so high and hasn't dropped yet, occasional ligament pain, but nothing crazy
Belly Button: looks so bizarre!
Wedding Rings: on
I'm feeling:  so excited to meet this little boy and read him stories, take him to explore his yard in my moby wrap, and do a million other things with him, Kev & I can't wait for the first time we get to hear him laugh & see him smile, SO much to look forward to!
Looking Forward to: a short, relatively pain/complication free birth followed by no stretch marks and a quick recovery (hey, it's my blog, a girl can dream can't she?)  I am also excited about Kev's birthday and his first father's day present... top secret!

"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from 
I'm still in here, hello!  I am growing about an ounce a day and measure more than 18 1/2 inches long.  That fuzzy hair I used to have covering my body is shedding.  Amazingly, at the end of this week, this bun in the oven is done!  I will be considered full-term!   I am in a head down position and has been for weeks, which is just what my parents want!  Ready or not world, here I come in no time at all!

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