Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Dump!

Outdoors, where everything is better: 


The sweetest old dog, Miss Bailey looking for frogs
 & failing to catch them


My giant peonies

Lilacs, my favorite smell other than Frangipani flowers

Wild roses beside the pond

Twins, just like Kristi & I

Mama bird's nest outside my little "nest" for Will

Bleeding Heart, being overcome by ferns because I have no time to play in the garden

Froggy Friends

Blueberries... well, technically green berries, but they will be blue 
unless the birds get to them before I do!
Forget-Me-Nots, because there's someone I'll never forget

House Transformation Pics:

Downstairs Bathroom Before, 
birdy wallpaper and everything, yippie!
Downstairs Bathroom After, 
it's hard to tell due to the lighting, 
but it's actually gray


Kitchen/Dining Area Before:

Kitchen/Dining Area After:


And on a totally different subject, how cute is my family?  
Wishing Kev's Nana a Happy 96 Years! Wow!

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