Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Just showing you around my world these days... 

So my blog entries have been kind of blah lately, which reflects the almost zero time I've had to put into it.  Between school responsibilities (student portfolios, assessment folders, cumulative folders, report cards, class placement, binders to go to next year's teachers, meetings, meetings.... etc... you get the idea!) weekly doctor's appointments an hour away, and being new home owner's with the countless items on our to-do lists, time just vanishes.  I feel like I wake up, blink, then am heading to bed only to wake up and repeat all in a flash.  I'm feeling pretty organized with school  and we've gotten tons of work done on the house (the nursery is done!) and hopefully we can spend some time in the gardens next weekend.

Right now I'm actually typing beside the fire pit near the frog pond listening to the chorus of deep baritone bull frogs, tenor green frogs and surrounding tree frogs singing soprano, it's quite a chorus!  The dragonfly militia is hurriedly devouring the mosquitos like tiny helicopters blitzing the air around us and making it comfortable for us to be outside, which is appreciated.  Behind me our butterfly bush is home to  dozens of Swallowtails that seem drunk on nectar as they play tag around the wild roses and then race back to the Butterfly Bush's purple blossoms.  The evergreen tree next to them is home to a bird's nest, but I haven't been able to tell if anyone's calling it home at the moment, but think there might be as a sweet little bird keeps sitting just outside of Will's room, maybe she knows that my baby is about to "hatch" too.  

If you couldn't tell, we are loving this house and especially being outside in the yard.  Everywhere you look something is blooming, growing, buzzing, flying, crawling, happily going about the business of being alive.  Inside the house, most of the painter's tape is removed, the living room has been floored & painted, the bathrooms have been redone, the kitchen's been painted, there are photos out and about, curtains in some windows and art on the walls, so it's feeling like home.  

Something else that's been on my mind lately is birth, obviously.  Like any new mom about to go through something completely incomprehensible as giving birth, I've had some fears.  My fear isn't about the pain, it's been more about not being trusted to make my own decisions in the hospital and advocate for myself, my baby, and our family.  I ended up watching the documentary The Business of Being Born and was amazed... I actually watched in twice then had Kev watch it with me.  We learned a lot and I promptly went out and found a doula to be an advocate for us in the hospital so that I can have as natural a birth as possible... It's funny, when you tell people you want a natural birth they look at you like you are insane, have three heads, and they seem to be thinking "Yeah right, you say that now!" It's weird, shouldn't women be able to find compassion and strength in one another and respect the choices made surrounding the miracle that is child birth? 

Anyway, ramblings aside, I am thrilled that we are about to meet William, who is going to change our entire world for the better.  He even wrote (with a little help from mama) a note to his daddy for father's day which I tied to a tree that we planted in the back yard.  We'll be able to watch it grow while we watch our little boy grow.  

Life is beautiful. 


Funny story about this guy... close your eyes and picture this one...
So meet Snappy, pretty original name for a Snapping Turtle, I know.  He is was our resident cranky pond dweller until last week. We talked about catching him eventually and taking him up the road to Hancock Pond before he got huge and started nibbling on the toes of a certain eagerly anticipated little boy.  Well, I came home from school, let Bailey out and was walking around the yard when Bailey started barking.  I went to see what was up and this little guy was charging at her and she was limping backwards, which isn't easy to do when you're a 9 year old injured dog on 3 legs.  I was ticked off that this turtle was harassing my best friend, so naturally, being nearly 9 months pregnant, I caught him.  He was the nastiest little turtle you've ever seen and tried his hardest to get a few of my fingers.  If you've ever caught a turtle (this 'aint' my first rodea) you know they pee all over the place when you catch them and this little buy was no exception.  So there I am, huge belly, running up the lawn with a snapping, peeing turtle and a limping dog.  It would have been a sight to see.  I got the dog inside and took the turtle to the pond where he could snap at someone else.  I warn you, he only looks sweet and innocent.  Hehe...
Our peonies, reminds me of the ones nana used to grow at North Lake when I was little.  She would let me pick a few to take home & they were so huge they felt like the size of my face.  I would stick my nose right into their centers to smell and had to watch out for the ants... not pleasant getting them up your nose!

Family Room "Before" Photos

 Family Room "After" Photos:

yes, the plants on the windowsill are examples of my very black thumb... ooops! I guess you need to water plants, who knew?  The others in the house are lovely... because the custodian at school kept them alive all year for me, hehe!

Still working, but it's coming together, don't you love the Wyeth painting on the wall? I picked it up for $5 at a thrift store, score!!!

The doors used to be purple (seriously!) and the deck is still a staging area for the table saw as we finish up other projects, but it's coming along!

Looking towards the Dining Area

Dining area and kitchen

Another few shots from Will's Room:


                                        Kevin's birthday!  
We had a Maine summer kind of meal: 
lobster, potato salad, green salad, corn on the cob and homemade lemon curd with fresh fruit for dessert

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