Thursday, June 28, 2012

40 Weeks!!!

Okay little boy, where are you?

Reflections this Week:
How Far Along?:  Woah baby, where are you???
Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs.
Clothing: hahaha...
Catching Zzzzs: again... hahaha
Best Moments of the Week: seeing your little face on the 3-D ultrasound again, what a magical feeling it is watching you rub you eyes
Miss Anything?: nothing, not even my ankles... I am going to miss having you all to myself and feeling you moving around, reminding me you're here
Movements: lots of nudges, especially tiny little toes on my right side that I can actually feel... those little piggies better watch out, I can't wait to tickle them 
Food Cravings: nope
Queasy/Sick: nope
Gender: BOY oh BOY!
Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks every day, the doc says I am over 50% effaced but still waiting for real contractions and for this baby to tell me he's ready to come on out and say hello to the world
Symptoms: swollen toes & ankles, heartburn (still?!?!) oh, and there's this ENORMOUS belly I'm sporting 
Belly Button: craziest looking thing ever! 
Wedding Rings: off, but soon to be back on again I hope
I'm feeling:  completely in love with this little boy, full of hope and positive thinking for the natural delivery I want (with no epidural, inducement or c-section) but knowing that nothing is in my control at this point, I'm hoping that no matter what, this little boy is born healthy, happy and safe, regardless of what happens in the hospital.  We are SO ready for this!  
Looking Forward to: Hmmm? What do you think?  William's birthday!!!
"Hey Mama, look what I can do!
 adapted from 
Hello... I'm STILL waiting... 

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